CGTN is the English-language 24-hour news channel of China Central Television, China’s largest national TV network. Launched on December 1, 2012, CGTN is dedicated to reporting news and information to its global audience, with a special focus on China. With a team of experienced and committed journalists, CGTN is China’s answer to introducing greater diversity and more perspective into the global information flow.

24 hours a day, seven days a week, CGTN provides viewers with a host of news and feature programs. Its news bulletins report major events in China and around the world. Various feature programs, documentaries, and entertainment magazine shows offer insight into Chinese society from politics to economy and from history to culture.

Broadcasting from the ancient capital and rapidly developing metropolis of Beijing, CGTN covers the whole globe via six satellites. Its programs can now be seen by 2.3 million subscribers outside China.

CGTN’ team of professionals from all over the world is working together to create a truly international news channel.

On December 1, 2012, WCETV proudly relay CGTN’ best quality programs through the newly expended free to air DTV terrestrial WOCK Ch. 13.5 Chicago. A population of 9.8 million viewers from great Chicago area can now enjoy the programs that CGTN offers and to be a part of its global community.

With a commitment to provide the latest and the best news and entertainment programs to its viewers, WCETV is making its continuous effort to work with China TV Corp. in developing more digital channels in different cities of the U.S.A. in the near future for more viewers to enjoy programs from CGTN.


Chicago is the most populous city in the U.S. state of Illinois, and the third most populous city in the United States, with approximately 2.8 million residents. Its metropolitan area (also called “Chicagoland”), which extends into Indiana and Wisconsin, is the third-largest in the United States, after those of New York City and Los Angeles, with an estimated 9.8 million people. Chicago is the county seat of Cook County, though a small portion of the city limits also extend into DuPage County.

Chicago was incorporated as a city in 1837, near a portage between the Great Lakes and the Mississippi River watershed. Today, Chicago is listed as an alpha+ global city by the Globalization and World Cities Research Network, and ranks seventh in the world in the 2012 Global Cities Index. The city is an international hub for finance, commerce, industry, telecommunications, and transportation, with O’Hare International Airport being the second-busiest airport in the world in terms of traffic movements.


asia today - wcetv -cctv - rcmedia

Asia Today presents a comprehensive look at important issues on the continent in a manner that is objective and reflective of all perspectives.

Global Business - CCTV - R&C Media copy

Biz Asia is dedicated to reporting major international news and events. It is a daily roundup of world news with a Chinese perspective. Intended to give the viewer a balanced picture of today’s world.

BizTalk - CCTV - R&C Media

Biz Talk is Biz Asia’s Saturday show, a Premium Business Interview Show, where acclaimed interviewer and broadcast journalist engage the world’s top policymakers, business elites, opinion leaders, and other newsmakers in one-on-one interviews.

Centre Stage - CCTV - R&C Media

The content of Centre Stage is composed of a wide range of performing arts, including Chinese folk songs, dance, opera, popular music, and the latest trends in the performing arts scene in China.

Crossover - CCTV - R&C Media

The host and guests with various backgrounds and experiences talk about things happening in China and the world in a smart and easy-going fashion.

China Insight - CCTV - R&C Media

Provides exciting, insightful up to the minute shows that bridge between East and West. This program focuses on Chinese culture and history.

China 24 - CCTV - R&C Media

A news program that goes behind the headlines detailing the events that is happening around Asia. Provides opinion on current affairs.

Culture Express - CCTV - R&C Media

Culture Express is dedicated to giving viewers updated reports on Chinese cultural news and events. Each of the seven segments deals with a particular aspect of Chinese culture.

Dialogue - CCTV - R&C Media

Addresses a growing diversity of timely topics. The program guests also addresses domestic and international issues in the areas of their expertise.

Journeys in Time - CCTV - R&C Media

Journeys in Time hears from the archaeologists, the anthropologists and the historians who have extended the boundaries of what we know about our own past and our planet’s history.

New Hour - CCTV - R&C Media

News Hour is one of the main news bulletins on CGTN. It keeps a close watch on major news-making events within China and around the world.

New Money - CCTV - R&C Media

Every Sunday, host will share with you a fascinating story about a start-up enterprise, as well as the secrets behind its success.

News Desk - CCTV - R&C Media

Provides the newest updates on breaking news, supplementing the News Hour program.

Nature & Science - CCTV - R&C Media

Nature and Science covers all the main China and global nature environmental issues, featuring inspiring human stories and new science.

Sports Scene - CCTV - R&C Media

Program reports the latest sport new and events in China and around the world.

Storyboard- CCTV - R&C Media

Portraying stories of people across the continent, Story Board delivers a visual profile of all Asian countries.

Travelogue - CCTV - R&C Media

Explores China from east to west with a glimpse of other countries as well. Our travelers/hosts are energetic, fun-loving, and sometimes crazy. Enjoy the journey with them as they pack their intimate knowledge of China into their odyssey.

Up Close - CCTV - R&C Media

UpClose is CGTN’ lifestyle interview program, featuring informal and lighthearted conversations with inspirational and accomplished individuals.

World Insight - CCTV - R&C Media

World Insight brings challenging and insightful programs and beyond. Providing global issues with a Chinese perspective. It is a weekend round-up of world news and current affairs.

Americas Now - CCTV - R&C Media

Americas Now is a broadcast news magazine, which produces investigative reports, including hard news, personality profiles, and feature pieces.

Global Business - CCTV - R&C Media

Biz Asia America is a daily global business news program aims to combine reporting of economic and financial issues in North and South America with those from China and the Asian region.

The Heat - CCTV - R&C Media

The Heat is a weekly news talk program dedicated to presenting balanced and engaging analysis, commentary and debate on the week’s most important international news stories and current events.

Africa Live - CCTV - R&C Media

Africa Live is a one-hour daily news program including Africa news, Talk Africa and Face of Africa editions. The reports will cover the political, economic, social and cultural aspects in the entire African region.

Faces of Africa - CCTV - R&C Media

Faces of Africa, documentaries on people in Africa, either prominent or ordinary, who have great stories to tell about Africa.

Talk Africa - CCTV - R&C Media

Talk Africa is a weekly talk show that gives a platform to influential voices from Africa to the whole world, showing a more positive Africa and provide a African perspective on international affairs and regional topics.